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Fabre Museum

Fabre Museum: a must-see during your stay in our hotel

The Fabre Museum: not to be missed

Housed in the Hôtel de Massilian, a former 18th-century town house in the eastern part of Montpellier's Ecusson district, the Musée Fabre is one of the most important museums in Europe. Following a detailed chronological itinerary, the permanent collections
The permanent collections are divided into large groups presenting works from the 14th century to the present day. All the major currents in painting are represented. Flemish, Dutch, Renaissance, 17th century, Regency, neoclassical and contemporary painting. The Fabre Museum has a large exhibition of over 700 works, with a dazzling finale by Pierre Soulages. Not to be missed during your stay in Montpellier.

Found at? The Fabre Museum is a 30 minute drive from our ACE Hotel Travel Fabrègues.

Fabre Museum
39 boulevard Bonne Nouvelle