Guilietta's Tielles

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Guilietta's Tielles

Guilietta's tielles: to taste during your stay at the hotel

Guilietta: the best tielles in Sète

The famous tielle is a round pie made from bread dough with olive oil and filled with octopus with a slightly spicy tomato sauce. The tielle originated in Italy, in Gaete. It was imported to Sète at the end of the 19th century and has since become an unmissable Sète speciality. To savour this gourmet pie, our teams recommend the Giulietta workshop-boutique of Cédric and Vanessa Annarumo. Made before your eyes according to the recipe of Cédric's grandmother from the Cetara region in Italy, you can taste the famous tielle sétoise on the spot or take it away to enjoy it on the port.

Found at: Guiletta is only 25 minutes drive from ACE Hotel Travel Fabrègues

29 boulevard Victor Hugo
34200 Sète